Six Signs Your Lover Isn't a Dog Lover....Sigh.

So, you think finding the person of your dreams is hard in today’s world. Well, throw in a dog (or two or three or even four) and chances are you’re narrowing down the field.

Yes, it’s true. Not everybody loves dogs like you do. Not everybody thinks it’s adorable when the dog takes up 75% of the bed and leaves you with a sliver. And not everybody thinks it’s darling when you drop everything you’re doing to run across the street to meet a dog.

Say it ain’t so!

Well, here are 6 signs that your significant other isn’t as into Fido as you’d like them to be.

1. They insist that the dog sleep on their doggie bed rather in the big bed, smack in between the two of you.

My dogs have always slept in bed with me.  But I do respect that with another tall human in the bed, that it could be a tad challenging.  So, I am perfectly fine with my dog sleeping in the bedroom on her bed, right next to me.  And my Frenchie, Luna Belle, more often than not, during the night, hops off the big bed to cuddle up in her plush doggie bed.  

Really, it comes down to compromise.  What you're willing to give and get in return.  If you can't work it out, or it becomes an ongoing problem, it's most likely not going to get resolved.  

signs your lover isn't a dog lover

2. They keep saying that you love your dog more than you do them.

Been there.  Dog love and people love are totally different thing.  You can fall in love with a dog in about 7 seconds.  Not the case with people.  Dog lovers TOTALLY understand this.  Needy, less confident people who aren't really dog people, have a MUCH harder time grasping this concept.  And besides, your 4-legged bestie is always happy to see you.  Your significant other?  Not so much.

signs your lover isn't a dog lover, woman loves dog, puppy kisses

3. They think it’s totally weird that your smartphone has more dog photos on it than people photos.

At last glance, my iPhone has a little over 20k photos on it.  Yikes.  How many are dog photos? I dare tell the truth?  Ok, here it goes:  over 85% of my photos are my dogs or someone else's dog.  It's no different than a new parent with a 2-legged kiddo, only my kiddo has 4 legs.  I shall make no excuses for my photo obsession.

4. When you talk about your future, there is never a mention of 4-legged kiddos.

I dated someone who NEVER asked about my dog.  I mean, like never!  BIG red flag.  Needless to say, this less than charming soul is no longer in the picture.  If your paramour isn't interested in your dog, this would be clue number one.  A partner who is really invested in your relationship with your dog does things for your dogs, asks about your dog and includes your dog.  

5. They don’t believe that dog hair is the latest and greatest fashion accessory.

My greatest personal belonging is my lint roller.  True story.  I have one in every room, in my car, in my purse, you name it.  Thankfully, my Frenchie doesn't shed much but I still get dog hair on me.  I am in no way bothered by it.  I simply roll it off.  But if your significant other is visibly upset by it, it's going to be an issue.  Unless you shave your dog every day, which I don't recommend.

6. They never offer to give your dog a bath, even though they complain your dog smells.

If your lover never offers to help out with bath time, walks, or feedings, this is a big clue that he or she really isn't feeling Fido.  Sometimes we like the person SO much that we think we can change them.  HELLO!  This just isn't going to happen.  People either gravitate toward dogs or they don't.  Some people are middle of the road, and middle of the road can be workable with compromise.  

These are the hard facts, peeps. Not everyone is a dog lover. And if you are, but they aren’t, I’m pretty sure, even though I am no Kreskin, that it isn’t a match made in heaven. I mean, after all, Fido has to give his stamp of approval!

Now go give Fido a bath!  And be sure to check out our natural line of doggie skin care products.  

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