A DIY air freshener is a safe and non-toxic alternative to what you’re probably using in your home or car right now. Go ahead, check the label for the ingredients. I’m guessing there are a ton of ingredients with chemical sounding names you can’t even pronounce, right? Or there were absolutely NO ingredients listed!


dog safe air freshener

Maybe it even says safe around kids and pets. Or it says non-toxic. So why then would they not indicate what ingredients they use to make the product?

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There are plenty of chemical ingredients that the FDA has approved as safe or non-toxic, but have proven to be hazardous to our health. And that is why at My Dog Foo, we follow what we preach. We use only all 100& all natural ingredients in our products, and that means we use only 100% all natural products around our dogs, too. Many of them we make because we know what we are getting and, quite frankly, it’s a lot cheaper.


The Foo suffered from allergies from the time he turned about 3, with them flaring up by the time he was 5.

Dog with allergies
dog skin allergy testing
These photos were taken in 2008 when Jake was allergy tested. I proceeded to start with allergy injections but stopped within a week. He just could not tolerate them. He was raw. Allergy testing showed he was pretty much allergic to everything outside of a bubble. It was then, in 2008, that I started clearing my home of chemicals and making my own products to clean the kitchen and bathroom, clean my floors, wash my clothes with, etc. And in a short period of time, I noticed that he skin was less red and aggravated. So the answer for him wasn’t to inject him with allergens that his system just couldn’t handle, but rather to change his environment, as much as I could. Your dog may not have allergies, but may have other issues that could very well be related to the toxic chemicals he or she comes into contact with. So it is definitely worth looking into to see if it is an underlying cause. At My Dog Foo, we believe in living a chemical free life as best we can. So we make our own air freshener spray, laundry detergent and dryer sheets, general purpose cleaners, and air fresheners. And this DIY Dog Safe Air Freshener couldn’t be easier. And it costs less than a $1 for each one.

Supplies for Your DIY Dog Safe Air Freshener:

    • – Clothes Pin
    • – Essential Oil (not fragrance oil but real essential oil); I recommend the NOW Essential Oil brand
    • – Washi Tape (optional for decoration)

DIY Air Freshener Car



Simply take a clothespin and add 5-7 drops of your favorite essential oil.  I like Lavender, Lemongrass, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Orange, and Rose.

On the opposite side of the clothespin, add Washi tape (or you could use a marker to color it in for some decoration if you like)

And voila!  Your very own non-toxic air freshener!

DIY Air Freshener Car 1

Attach to your car vent or any vents in your home (not floor vents as Fido may try to eat the clothespin!) and every time the AC or heater comes on, a light scent will fill your space.  When you no longer notice the scent, just add a few drops of oil and your freshener will be good as new.

DIY Air Freshener Car 2<br>


This can be a fun project to do with kids, too. Takes very little time, costs very little, and you can get as creative as you want (or not) with how you decorate them. And the best part is that you won’t be breathing in any toxic fumes or chemicals.



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