Why You Need a First Aid Kit For Your Dog

As a dog owner, you need to make sure to have basic first aid supplies on hand for Fido. Putting together a well-provisioned first aid kit will make you more ready to deal with a medical emergency should one arise.  Keep this kit in the house and fully stocked with supplies at all times, next to the first aid kit for your family. Many of the items in a family first aid kit can be used for dogs, too.  Listed below are our must have items for our First Aid Kit for Dogs.

Phone numbers and your dog’s medical record (including medications and vaccination history)

Phone numbers that should always be handy are for your veterinarian, the emergency vet clinic, and Animal Poison Control (888-4ANI-HELP).  You may know these numbers or have them stored in your phone, but if someone else is home or with your dog when an emergency strikes, they won’t have the info they need.  So it is imperative that there are written down someplace handy. If you don’t know of an emergency vet clinic, visit MyVeterinarian.com, enter the zip code, and check the “emergency” box to get a listing of emergency providers in the area. Be sure to keep a list of your dog’s medication handy.  In the event that something happens to you and you cannot get home, someone will have all the info they need to care for your dog properly and see that your dog gets the medication that they require.  You can use our handy Dog Health Record below to keep your info all on one sheet.

Wound Care

You want to make sure that you have these items in your First Aid Kit:

    • Gauze – for wrapping wounds
    • Non-stick bandages, towels, or strips of clean cloth – to control bleeding or to protect wounds
    • Adhesive Tape for Bandages (do not use human adhesive bandages like Band-Aids™ on dogs) – this will secure the gauze wrap or bandage


    Milk of Magnesia, Activated Charcoal, Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

    If your dog has swallowed or eaten something that is poisonous, you’ll first want to contact your veterinarian or local poison control center before inducing vomiting or treating an animal for poison.  Milk of Magnesia and Activated Charcoal can both be used for inducing vomit.

    Digital Thermometer

    You will need a “fever” thermometer because the temperature scale of regular thermometers won’t go high enough for dogs.  Do NOT  insert a thermometer in your pet’s mouth—the temperature must be taken rectally.

    Eye Dropper (or large syringe without needle)

    An eye dropper or syringe can be used to administer oral medications and/or to flush wounds out.

    Stretcher (in an emergency a door, board, blanket or floor mat may be used)

    If your dog’s injury is serious and he or she is unable to move, it is best to keep them as stable as possible.  Any of these will do the trick.

    Ouchie Wouchie™ Boo Boo Balm

    No First Aid Kit for Dogs is complete without its very own Ouchie Wouchie™.  My Dog Foo’s Ouchie Wouchie is made with 100% all natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients.  If you don’t already have this in your kit, then get it.  It is multipurpose and can be used for nicks, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bug bites, burns, etc.  It will not only help to heal your dog’s skin, but it will also keep it clean as our Ouchie Wouchie™ Boo Boo Balm contains both antibacterial and antifungal ingredients.

    And be sure to download our handy Dog Health Record form (click the Dog Health Record link below).  Just fill out your dog’s info and keep it handy or attach it to your fridge or an inside cabinet.  This way the info will always be on hand.

    Dog Health Record

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    What products do you keep in your DOG FIRST AID KIT?  


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