Easy DIY Grain Free Dog Treat Recipe

If you want an easy, healthy and less expensive alternative to store bought treats for your pup, this grain free dog treat recipe is delicious and quick.

There are a TON of really good dog treats on the market that we love, especially Primal Dehydrated Snacks.  If your dog suffers from food allergies, this is a great option because there’s only ONE ingredient.  Follow it up with their RAW FOOD containing the same ingredient and you’ll most likely hit a homerun.

For those dog not plagued by food allergies, you certainly have more options.  Because we have smushy faced babies, who are prone to problems with foods containing grains, we avoid them.  And we found that this grain free dog treat recipe gets 2 paws up.  Luna would give it 4 paws up if she could but every time she tries, she falls down.

And as we like to say, it’s easy peasy.  So for those who don’t like to bake or think they can’t, trust us, this is pretty simple.


Grain Free Recipe Dg Treats Dog Cookies

Give it a try and let us know how your dogs like it. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook using #IMAFOOBIE if you take pics.


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