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SNIFFY WHIFFY™  Nose Balm is a blend of 100% all natural goodness developed to clean, treat and and keep your dogs nose healthy from drying out, which can be caused by the the harsh elements, severe weather, health conditions and certain medications. Dog’s noses are prone to dryness, becoming cracked, and sometimes even bleed, making your dog’s nose extremely painful. Sniffy Whiffy™ contains healing ingredients that provide anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. Left untreated, your dog’s nose can continue to worsen and cause them pain. Sniffy Whiffy™ Nose Balm has been formulated to restore your dog’s nose to its natural state while soothing and healing the skin.

Product Spotlight SNIFFY WHIFFY

With just a few applications, your dog’s nose will look brand new.  My Dog Foo’s SNIFFY WHIFFY™ Nose Balm is formulated to be gentle, but powerful when it comes to healing.  Your dog’s nose is super sensitive and is often subject, like our own faces, to the elements, causing dryness and cracking.  Moreover, certain medication, like Lasik for Congestive Heart Disease, is known to dry out your dog’s nose.

Whether it’s due to old age, the changes in season, or medications, your dog’s nose can benefit from the super duper healing properties of our SNIFFY WHIFFY™  Nose Balm.  Application is quick and easy.  Apply 2-3 times a day to begin with and you’ll start to see results within a few applications.  Don’t worry if your dog tries to lick it or wipe it off.  Our product is not thick or gooey.  It is designed to instantly penetrate upon contact with warm skin, making it work right away.   So even if your pup licks at it or tries to wipe it off, it still works.  You may just need to reapply more frequently for maximum results if this is the case.

Once your dog’s nose is healed, you will need to continue applying, less frequently, for maintenance.  Think of it as a moisturizer or lotion you would use.  You don’t stop using it just because it’s working.  We recommend using 2-3 times a week once you get into the maintenance stage.  If you see that your dog’s nose is starting to dry out, just start applying a few times a day again.  The winter and summer months can wreak havoc on their noses.

Made with 100% all natural goodness, you can feel good about putting this on your dog, knowing that it is non-toxic and safe.  And an added benefit is that is contains natural sunscreen protection.  So don’t forget to apply to your dog’s nose prior to going out into the sun.

To purchase our SNIFFY WHIFFY™ Nose Balm, please visit our product page.


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