If your dog’s nose is dry, cracked or crusty, there are several reasons for it.  But, it can be causing your dog discomfort, and sometimes even pain, so it’s important to address it.  

Why Is My Dog’s Nose Dry or Cracked?

There are several reasons your dog’s nose presents as dry, cracked or crusty.  

crusty dog nose, dry dog nose, cracked dog nose, vaseline for dogsLack of Moisture.  As dogs age, just like our skin, it tends to lose moisture, dehydrate and dry out.  

Too Much Exposure to the Weather.   Yes, your dog’s nose could be suffering from sunburn, especially in dog’s with lighter colored noses.  It can also chafe in the colder weather and cause the same symptoms- dryness and chapping.   Too much indoor heat during the winter months can lead to the same issues.  

Medications.   Certain medications such as Lasix prescribed to treat congestive heart failure can dry out your dog’s nose.   You’ll likely notice this within a few days to a few weeks of starting a new medication.   

Face Shape.   Brachycephalic dogs, those with pushed in faces, tend to suffer from dryness and cracking.   This is most likely because it is often difficult for these dogs to lick their noses well due to skull conformation.  

Allergies.   Reactions to pollen, mold, food, etc. can lead to redness and swelling in your dog’s nose.  This will cause your dog to continually rub at their face and nose, causing it to become irritated, often leading to bleeding from excessive rubbing.   Never use a product on your dog’s nose or any other part of their body that is not meant for them.  This can only worsen the problem.

Hyperkeratosis.  Hyperkeratosis is the overproduction of keratin, mostly seen in older dogs.  It is also referred to as hairy nose or hairy paws, as it is most prevalent on dog noses and paws, looking like tiny hair bristles.  Read more about hyperkeratosis here in our blog post.

So What Can You Do to Treat a Dry, Crusty or Cracked Nose?

dry dog nose, cracked dog nose, rusty dog noseSniffy Whiffy Healing Nose Balm to the rescue.  Handcrafted using only all natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, our Sniffy Whiffy is developed to add moisture back into your dog’s nose, offering soothing relief, while treating the problem.   We recommend applying 1-3 times a day at onset, reducing the frequency as needed.   You should start to see results within just 1-3 applications.   Continue to apply several times a week for maintenance and your dog’s nose will never be dry, cracked or crusty again.

Dogs use their nose to explore the world, driven very much by their sense of smell.  A dry, cracked or crusty nose could be causing them discomfort or pain.  Our Sniffy Whiffy Healing Nose Balm will provide instant relief.  Even if they try to rub it off, which some may try, our formula is absorbed into the skin upon contact.  We just recommend applying more frequently if this is the case.  

Most dogs will start to show significant improvement in just 1-3 applications.  Remember to continue to use Sniffy Whiffy Healing Nose Balm, even after improvement to maintain your dog's healthy nose. 

And because our products are handcrafted using only high quality, all-natural, organic ingredients, you don't have to worry if your dog licks at it. Our products contain only all natural, tail-wagging goodness. This is our promise to you. Paw swear!    

Why Can't I Just Use Vaseline on My Dog's Nose?

Vaseline is NOT natural.  And it actually acts as a barrier, preventing any air or moisture to penetrate deep into your dog's skin.  Check out My Dog Foo's blog post on Vaseline and you can decide for yourself.

What About Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is indeed natural but comes in many different grades.  And coconut oil alone does not provide all of the antibacterial, antifungal and healing properties that a more inclusive product like our Sniffy Whiffy does.  My Dog Foo's Sniffy Whiffy Healing Nose Balm has been carefully handcrafted to provide a complete and holistic solution to your dog's dry, cracked or crusty nose.

Worth noting, we don't use coconut oil in our Sniffy Whiffy Healing Nose Balm like other products on the market.  Instead, we use Babasu Oil, quite similar to Coconut Oil, but distinctly different in that it absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves zero residue.  This makes our product super effective once applied directly onto your dog's nose, penetrating instantly to start moisturizing and nourishing their dry, cracked or crusty nose.

Whatever the reasons for your dog's dry, cracked or crusty nose, you owe it to your dog to provide them relief.  Sniffy Whiffy to the rescue! 


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