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HAPPY TEETH™ DOGGIE TOOTH SCRUB is handcrafted using only all natural, organic and vegan ingredients designed to clean and maintain healthy dog gums and teeth. Professional vet dentals can be costly and also scary, as they require your dog to be put under local anesthesia.

Handcrafted in a base of Himalayan Sea Salt, Baking Soda (USP Sodium Bicarbonate), and Organic Peppermint to naturally help prevent plaque buildup, tooth decay and gum disease. Bacteria in your dog's mouth can wreak havoc on their internal system, infecting and potentially damaging their internal organs. Frequent brushing can prevent this from happening.

  • Fight tartar and plaque buildup
  • Help prevent periodontal disease and/or tooth loss
  • Help prevent gum disease
  • Help prevent tooth decay
  • Freshen Breath
  • Quantity
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    Some dogs need to be introduced to the idea of having their teeth brushed.  If this is the case for your dog, follow these instructions.  Keep in mind that you know your pet best and some will take quickly to the process and others will need more time to get to the used to idea.  Repeat steps if necessary and reward good behavior before proceeding to the next step.  Treats/rewards are an excellent way to introduce something new to your dog.  

    • Gently pet and scratch their face and start to pet their muzzle.  Once comfortable, slowly lift their lip up beginning with 10 seconds if possible, working your way up to 30 seconds.  Reward with a treat at the end of the session.
    • Follow the same step as above only this time gently run your finger over your dog's teeth for 10 seconds, working up to 30 seconds.  Again, reward with a treat.
    • Sprinkle a small amount of Happy Teeth Tooth Scrub™ on moist toothbrush and allow your pet to lick it.  They are naturally drawn to the scent of peppermint and will be curious.  No brushing yet.  Reward good behavior. 
    • Now it's time to start brushing.  Lift lip up and gently rub brush across teeth, focusing on the upper outer surfaces, brushing for 20-30 seconds on each side.

    If your dog has an existing health condition such as heart, kidney or liver problems, please consult your veterinarian before using.

    Handcrafted in a base of Himalayan Sea Salt, Baking Soda (USP Sodium Bicarbonate), AND Organic Peppermint*

    (1) Happy Teeth Doggie Tooth Scrub™ – 3oz | 89ml 

    We can’t stress this enough, seek veterinarian care if your dog requires care. Our products are not intended to act as a replacement for veterinarian advice. Our products are crafted to provide an all natural option for your dog.