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Our CLEANSING SHAMPOOCH BAR is an all natural doggie bath bar developed to gently but deeply cleanse and neutralize odors due to bacterial or fungal skin infections. Handcrafted with healing herbs that are naturally antiseptic and antibacterial, our Cleansing Shampooch Bar™ helps draw out skin infections, while moisturizing skin to prevent dryness and shedding. Helps keep skin clean with its antiseptic ingredients. Perfect for dogs with chronic skin flare ups.

  • Stinky skin due to bacterial or fungal infections
  • Gentle, but deep cleansing
  • Post-surgery to keep area clean and protected
  • Dogs with chronic skin infections
  • Combat oily skin
  • Natural bug repellant
  • Quantity
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    Bath time just got a whole lot easier for Fido with our best selling Shampooch Bar™


    1. Run a bath with warm water and be sure to wet your dog's coat thoroughly, avoiding eyes, ears and mouth.

    2. With Shampooch Bar™ in hand, begin to lather your dog from head to paws, gently rubbing and massaging the bar into his or her coat.  

    Note:  If the bar is too big for your hand, or if you have a smaller dog, you can cut the bar in half.

    3. Once your dog is fully lathered, massage soap into fur.

    4. Rinse dog with clean, warm water until no suds are visible.  

    5.  Grab a towel and dry off your dog completely.  Many of our #FOOBIES swear that their dogs dry faster when using our best selling Shampooch Bars™


    85% Organic Blend of Saponified Oils (fair trade, sustainably harvested Organic Palm Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil), Water, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Frankincense and Spearmint, Frankincense Powder, Rosemary Powder.

    (1) Cleansing Shampooch Bar™ – 4oz | 118ml